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Amon Tobin Studio Tour Episode Three: Mics, Pres, Phones, and Amps

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Jonathan Jean-François Lamy-Potvin
Jonathan Jean-François Lamy-Potvin
17 mar 2021


🗣️🎙️ W0W, what an interesting article about following 'Amon Tobin' Step by Step Musical evolution Digitalized over a NetWork Club. I just remembered the moment of One of my friends hands me he's ear'pods at ( 18 years-old, 1998''. Now I'm 41' at 2021'' ) watching 'Permutation'. Danm ... You look so yong on your picture avatar. You seem to be stuck within the Meantime ...

I hope I can afford to enter your 'NOMARK CLUB' S00N !

I'm just tinking we have something to learn here as a DJ' of the fellow's of Social Media ...

-DJ'BIGnix, @djbignix

-BLOGger: POST / COMMENTS / LIKE & SHARE, ALL OVER Facebook Land's and Twitter's universal Media.

THx, 📀

Me gusta
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