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New Amon Tobin Album Announced

Friday 15th February, 2019 will see the first release on Nomark Records and the first release from Amon Tobin since the Dark Jovian EP in 2015.

'On A Hilltop Sat The Moon' is released on all digital platforms on 15th February, 2019

It is the first track from the forthcoming album 'Fear in A Handful of Dust' which is due for release later this year.

On April 26, electronic music pioneer Amon Tobin will release ‘Fear In A Handful Of Dust’ - his first album in eight years since his triumphant ‘ISAM’ took the electronic music scene by storm. Limited edition vinyl for the album will be out in Spring or Summer TBA.

The first single off the album, ‘On A Hilltop Sat The Moon,’ is a haunting work that proves the power of Tobin’s music has only grown during his time away from the spotlight. A haze of delicately rendered chords that dissolve and recombine like fractal vectors, the song takes Tobin’s expertise in advanced sound design into a decidedly organic and handmade direction, with staggeringly evocative results. ‘On A Hilltop Sat The Moon’ is the inaugural release on Amon Tobin’s newly minted label Nomark, and has a very ambitious album release schedule this year.

Amon Tobin’s role in electronic music innovation cannot be understated. In a career spanning over 20 years, the Brazilian-born UK-raised producer has released of some of the most important, era-defining records of his time, setting a pace of sonic exploration and musical adventurism that has redefined and shattered the boundaries between drum n’ bass, IDM, jazz, trip-hop, hip-hop, techno, jungle, experimental and video game music.

His last album ISAM utilized advanced synthesis processing and production techniques traditionally reserved for sound design in film, and paved the way for a radically new kind of audiovisual performance. Pioneering the use of projection mapping in a live performance context, the landmark ISAM shows were hailed by major media outlets including Wired, Rolling Stone, NPR, and were premiered at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, from the Sydney Opera House to the Olympia in Paris to the London Hammersmith, and many international festivals including Sonar, MUTEK and Moogfest.

The depth and scope of Amon Tobin's work have been a major inspiration to many. From the Kronos Quartet to Diplo, he achieved respect among artists within and outside electronic music. He established a reputation for musical ingenuity unconfined by genre, and over two decades remains one of the most visionary electronic artists of his generation.


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