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Nomark Selects, V.1

Nomark Selects V.1 is a compilation of music previously unavailable publicly, featuring Amon Tobin, Two Fingers and Cujo.

The music on this compilation comes from the vaults of The Nomark Club (our fan centred subscription service), which features exclusive tracks alongside our regular releases. After nearly 4 years of releases we asked Club members if they’d like to share some of these secret tunes with the wider world and produce a lovely vinyl as well.

The Nomark Club subscribers voted on what tracks they’d like to see on an album from the first two years of the Nomark Club and unsurprisingly, because they have impeccable taste, they chose well:

Side A Babou The Dog - Cujo vs Two Fingers

Cruel Like Flint - Amon Tobin

Golden - Two Fingers

Yum Yum Rhythm - Two Fingers

Mighty Tetra - Amon Tobin

Side B

Early for Clink Street - Cujo

Nine Bars Back - Cujo

In Long Dark Grass - Amon Tobin

Deep In Time - Amon Tobin

Red Shift - Amon Tobin


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